AllergyNat was inspired by our food allergic daughter, Natalee, whom we refer to as Nat. We were informed of her milk protein allergy almost immediately after birth and experienced her egg and peanut allergies by firsthand experience when she turned a year old. She also has allergies to Cat and Dog, Trees, Weeds and Grasses and has Asthma. If you are ready to learn about “all of the above”, you’ll feel right at home here.

I created this site to bring about awareness of living with someone who has food allergies and raising a food allergic child. It’s a great deal more than just not being able to eat a certain food. It’s a complete lifestyle change and I hope the information you find here will help bring a better understanding of that and help give insight on what it takes to live as normal a life as possible when you have life threatening allergies.

We provide tips, information, and discussion on food allergies, asthma and eczema. We welcome your comments and input. Subscribe to receive our FREE eBook and stay informed!