The BEST Reason Ever to Read Food Labels

So here we are again about food labels. Yes, I know that I’ve done a few posts about reading food labels and it’s beginning to sound a little repetitive. However, I’m about to tell you and show why this is the BEST Reason Ever to Read Food Labels!

Let’s just get to the point of this post. When you are raising a food allergic child, reading food labels certainly needs no introduction. It’s something we sometimes do automatically. I may even sometimes grab a product that I already know Nat can’t have, but I find myself looking at the label anyway.

Alright, so a few days ago, I’m at the local Walmart doing some grocery shopping. As usual, I’m reading labels as I go for anything Nat will be consuming. I come across the chicken broth. I usually by the generic whenever possible simply because it’s cheaper (Yes,…I’m a penny pincher). Anyway, I pick up the Great Value Brand, take a quick glance at the ingredients, see that there is No Allergy warning listed and plop it in the buggy. I turn to grab a couple more (but a different size) and decide to just take another quick look. Well,… is what I find.

Warning listed on the right one, but not on the left one.
Same Brand, Different Size.


YEP!! Exact same brand, just a different size! See the added warning label on the 32oz. package? What the Heck?!!! Of course, after I calmed down and regained my composure, I took these pictures, because of course I’m blabbing this to the allergy world. THIS is the Very reason we can NEVER EVER EVER get relaxed in reading food labels. The only difference that I can see, seems to be the small box on the front of the 48oz. package about the No Artificial Flavors, etc.

Needless to say, I was livid when I found this. It’s hard enough to grocery shop for food allergic children, but it gets even harder and even more mentally exhausting coming across issues like this. Do you trust the one with no warning or not? NOT!! You don’t trust it at all.

Please Please Please!!! ALWAYS remember to read the label. Even if you are buying in bulk, read the label of each and every item that goes in your cart.

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