To the couple sitting next to us waiting to order….

To the couple sitting next to us waiting to order, sorry about the wait but we have a few questions we must ask the waitress. We would love to be able to come in, sit down and place our order without hesitation, but we decided to bring our daughter with us. It’s a little more complicated when attempting to order for a child who has a few food allergies.

We never intend to make anyone wait a few minutes longer to speak to the waiter or waitress and we do try to make it as quick as possible, but if you understand anything at all about food allergies, we’d rather get the order right the first time. If we make a mistake, then we are probably going to be on the phone with 911 and grabbing that Epipen. There are no second chances with a food allergic child. Oh yes, I know that also. We could just eat at home and keep her completely safe and we wouldn’t have to make anyone wait those extra few minutes in placing their order.

When you get to that place where you are now wearing those shoes  of the person you were talking about, you can begin to understand. THAT’S the place we are at now. You know the saying, “Until you’ve been in their shoes….”. Well, we are now wearing those shoes. WE UNDERSTAND! Perhaps we also had a few choice words for the wait when the lady next to us was trying to find out if their was garlic in the bread. Couldn’t she just skip the bread? Why should you inconvenience us for almost 5 minutes, because the waitress had to make a few trips to the kitchen for your request? Well, WE UNDERSTAND!

When dining out, not only do we ask the waitress but the majority of the time, the manager is involved as well as the chef. We’ve even had a few bags of food from the kitchen on our table reading the ingredients. Thank goodness we come across restaurants so grateful to accommodate us. Buffet’s are easier for the order since everyone can just help themselves at anytime. However, it’s not easier for us since we have no idea what spoons have been where (can’t forget about that cross-contamination)or whether or not the buttered corn made it’s way into the bin of green beans we thought was safe.

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Now, in saying that and perhaps seemingly sounding just a little sarcastic, we are not. We do understand that we sometimes put the waitress or waiter into a tight spot and perhaps put a little more effort on them, but we do greatly appreciate it beyond measure. We so want our Nat to also be able to enjoy a night out and have a safe dinner without any worry or stress.  When your child has to ask on occasion if it’s safe to eat something, we can at least give her a treat and take her to dinner and make it as stress free as possible.

8 thoughts on “To the couple sitting next to us waiting to order….

  1. Vicky says:

    This was a great read. I personally don’t have allergies or children with allergies, however my cousin and his children do so I can somewhat relate. Thanks for sharing. I love your writing style too!

  2. Carolyn Griffin says:

    I never get annoyed with people who are asking a lot of question of their waiter, because when it comes to my turn I am going to do the same (and I don’t have any small children). Don’t ever feel bad about making your child does not have an allergic reaction to something. Your just being a good parent.

    • says:

      Thank you so much. We really habe no choice but every once in a while we still get the annoyed look of why the waitress hasn’t brought them a fresh glass of water. ?. But I feel the same way, it’s my child’s life we’re talking about.

  3. Casie says:

    What a great post! I’ll admit I am not always great at empathy with food allergies (guilty of the “I don’t have it, you’re probably exaggerating, I know-Terrible!) but to read from the perspective of a parent whose child has allergies paints a clear picture. You’ve called me out; I’ve got to do better. ✊?

    • says:

      It’s ok. We were there too until we had our daughter and were in the middle of it. We understand.

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