Spreading Awareness-Our First PAL’s Class

Spreading awareness is always our main goal when it comes to food allergies. Sometimes it’s not even by choice but by the need to keep your child safe, especially at school. Too often we think of only educating the adults that take charge of your child’s safety on a daily basis. However, what about those children that sit next to them in class and on the bus or play with them at recess? My husband and I recently taught our first Be A PAL class at our daughter’s school.


“The Be a PAL: Protect A Life™ From Food Allergies education program can help children learn how to be a good friend to kids with food allergies.”
With extensive gratitude to FARE for introducing the program and providing all materials needed to teach the class, it was a great success! Spreading awareness to adults can be difficult at times, but it can certainly be even more challenging directed toward children. FARE provides everything you need to make the teaching process as simple as possible and to make it as fun as imaginable to children.
Thanks to my daughter’s school principal and nurse for allowing us to come in and teach the class and for their assistance, we were able to provide a great experience and I hope a new profound sense of food allergy awareness.


The Star of the class, Miss Natalee.
Left: Nurse Michelle Morgan and Right: Principal Laura Bailey.

The children were engaged, asking questions, and showing much more interest than we had expected. 
Spreading awareness is only a statement; a statement that takes time and effort. Our food allergic children want to be normal and do normal things just like their friends. Attending birthday parties or just having an overnight stay with a friend can be quite scary when you have food allergies. Teaching this class is one way for us to inform those friends of what they can do to keep their friends safe and still have a great time in whatever they are doing.
Let us know if you are a PAL or have taught your first Be A PAL class!

8 thoughts on “Spreading Awareness-Our First PAL’s Class

  1. Vox says:

    Thanks for spreading awareness. I now have a bit allergy. At 49! Didn’t know what was wrong with me for 7 years. Now I am extremely cautious about what I eat, because I don’t want to waste any more time suffering. Therefore I realize how important it is to caution people about not asking about allergic reactions and about not knowing signs of of an allergic reaction. Thanks for this post.

  2. anissa4334 says:

    This is something that I wish I would have looked into when my kids were young. I’m sure this saves lives also. Thank you for sharing.

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