Review Your Options-Or Pay the Price

So you bought the product, hooked it up and voila….Good to go! Hmmmm, could it really be that simple? How much time and effort do we really spend on researching the quality of a product before we purchase it? I would even guess to say that the effort we do on research is most likely hunting down the sales clerk for that department and asking which product he or she believes is best. And my second best guess would be to say that they point out the most expensive item there. Besides, isn’t the most expensive always the best? Or is it? Let’s review our options.

Research & Review


My husband and I have certainly learned to navigate the internet on many things. You especially master that task when you have a child with all sorts of allergies and need to know what’s in a particular brand of food, or what type of trees are pollinating this season, or what the heck is a 504 plan anyway. You can explore the internet almost endlessly on anything. So why is it we never think to explore the best options for spending our hard earned money?

I recently did a post about our daughter’s experience with a cat. Let me recap it for you. My oldest daughter came home for a visit and brought her cat, Elsa. Elsa spent her time here confined to my office due to our youngest daughter’s allergy to cats.  She ventured out once, but was wrangled up quickly and returned to her suite. The visit went well. Well, that is until shortly after they left. It wasn’t long before our youngest was sporting a new look.

Our daughter’s reaction due to a cat allergy.

Not to worry, a shot of Epi and Benadryl and she was back to normal. At this point we realized that her cat allergy was a little more severe than we thought. After extensive cleaning, Stanley Steemer, and one unhappy little girl after her favorite blanket was thrown out, we knew we had to step up our game just a bit. We wanted the best in whatever we did to assure her safety and keep her as healthy as possible. One of the options we chose was to purchase an Air Purifier.

Never having purchased one before and not knowing diddly-squat about them, we of course turned to our familiar, the internet. However, the research we did was our’s, and our’s alone. Now, not to say we don’t value our opinion and certainly trust our result’s, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional opinion? Even better, someone to do the work for you. Well let me just say, I found the answer to that.

This great team has taken the time to research, review and do all the work for you. They’ve even contacted and interviewed professional’s to get the best results possible. Here’s a preview of their article.

How We Found the Best Air Purifier

We started with a roundup of 49 portable air purifiers designed for home use — think living room, not warehouse. Immediately, we disregarded any without at least a one-year warranty on the entire unit, and any that weren’t Energy Star certified. (In order for your air purifier to be effective, it has to be running pretty much all the time. This can significantly increase the cost of your electricity bill, and we wanted to alleviate that increase as much as possible.)

Read the full review here. Sound great? It certainly is. Would have been even better had we known about before spending the money that we did on an air purifier that didn’t even make the cut. Not to mention, the cost was more than this teams best pick. Hooked yet? Exactly. It didn’t take long for us either. It’s a great site and great resource for quite a few products you may be in the market for. Check them out here and don’t miss out on the best buy that’s really worth your hard earned money.

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