Tips to attend a Peanut Allowed Event with an Allergic Child

The most I can say about this post is to call ahead of time. Call Call Call! It never hurts to call. Wait. Do I need to reiterate that? Yes. I believe I do. Call Call Call! AHEAD OF TIME! Not two days before like we did. Especially when you have a peanut allergic child and you are attempting to take her to a major event where peanuts are allowed. Well, let me explain how we attempted to pull this off.

We surprised our daughter Nat with Panther’s tickets (Pre-Season game). She loves football.


We chose a Pre-Season game hoping that the crowd would be at a minimum and it would be a bit safer for her attendance. She had always wanted to attend a game with us but we were always apprehensive due to her peanut allergy with peanut hulls and loose peanuts in the stands. At this time, we had completed our OIT (Oral Immunotherapy) journey and she was eating two peanuts a day to maintain her level of desensitization. So we felt it would be bit safer at this point to take her to a game.

So, two days before the game….Yep!…two days before the game, we decided to call and find out the rules on being allowed to carry snacks for her into the game as well as her medicine. After speaking to the head of security, we were told that a letter would have to be mailed to us from them, giving us permission for the items, and we would need to bring it to the game. Well, at this point, two days was not going to be enough time to get that done. After a an email explaining our situation and a few more phone calls, we were given permission to be able to bring her safe snacks into the game. Medication was no problem but both had to be in a specified clear plastic bag. We were also given instructions on a specific gate that we were to enter aside from the main gate. We thought, “Great, we won’t have to go through the crowd and it will be safer for her”. Well, it was a great thought and a great idea, but it would have been better if the walk to get there hadn’t been so long. Plus, the monsoon that showed up didn’t help things.

In the end, we made it through the gate, into the stands and had a fantastic time.

Nat and her daddy.

AllergyNat Recommendations:

  1. Call ahead of time and ask all pertinent questions regarding food, location, medication, items allowed, etc.
  2. Items to include in bag: safe snacks (if allowed), hand sanitizer, hand wipes, necessary medication, Kleenex.
  3. When purchasing tickets, consider seating near an exit or near medical personnel in case of an emergency.
  4. Carry a cushion or blanket for seating to maintain a barrier from any allergen that might be in the seat.

Just remember to enjoy the event and have a blast!

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