Organizing Visits

Hello again.

So I wanted to share how we manage our daughter visiting family without us and how we go about organizing visits. Notice that I said family only. No, we have not yet incorporated “friends” into that statement. Not that we don’t want to….yes, we are still quite hesitant in allowing her to visit “friends” without one of us present, however, many of the “friends” are hesitant themselves in allowing her to visit as well without one of us present. But we can certainly understand their hesitation.

Let me first explain our set up here where we live. We live next to my brother and across the road from my parents. She visits my brother a lot, and she has technically been with my parents since she was born.

She of course needs to have medication with her (or very near her) at all times. Whenever we go out, she has a small backpack that she wears that contains her medicine box with all her medicine and action plans. However, just trying to visit family around home can become quite irritating when you have to carry a bag on your back at all times. Therefore, we came up with the idea of keeping medication at my parents as well as my brother’s at all times. Yes, that did warrant us spending quite a bit more money for extra medication (meds), but in the end, it’s worth it so she can visit and play without worrying about keeping a bag with her at all times.

I simply fixed a bag for both houses that has her meds, action plans (the process to follow in case of an emergency and meds are needed), and also has an information sheet. The information sheet contains everything that an Emergency Personnel member would need to know if they had to be called. This way all they would need to do is hand this sheet to them and they have all the background information for her including insurance information. This is also great to have if using a babysitter. Here is a link to the sheet I use:  Example Info sheet

The one thing you have to remember to do is to be sure to keep all the meds updated. NOW….that brings me to another sheet/form that I use. This part can be a little tricky, so I had to come up with something to help me keep all these meds up-to-date. Keeping meds at school was hard enough but now I’ve added two more locations to the list as well as home. Here is the link to THAT form I came up with to help keep up with expiration dates on everything and where each med is located. Here you go: Medication Log

As I’ve said before, I just hope that these tips give you some insight to what might work for you and if you have any suggestions that can improve my routine,…by all means…PLEASE share!

P.s. She always has her Medical I.D. bracelet on at all times.

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