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Hello. Welcome to my blog called AllergyNat. I wanted to do this blog to tell our daughter’s story and hopefully to help others living with loved ones with various allergies.

Our daughter Natalee (Nat or NatNat – as what she will be mostly referred to in this blog) was born with a milk protein allergy. It wasn’t until she was a year old that we found out she was also allergic to Eggs and Peanuts. It certainly became a challenge trying to feed her and especially protecting her from these foods. When she was around 2 1/2 years old, she had her first asthma attack so that was also thrown into the pile as it was determined that an allergy to tree pollen caused this particular attack. A later attack was blamed on a grass allergy and the most recent allergic reactions were caused by her sister’s cat. Needless to say, we are expanding our allergen list.

When people find out about her allergies, the one major question we get is “What did you do about school?” It became a challenge feeding her and of course maintaining our distance from peanuts. Once you become adjusted to a routine, it seems that it changes once again and you are constantly trying to figure out how to get through a particular situation. School was certainly a challenge and we obviously had to incorporate many processes that would work for everyone involved. So I’m hoping this blog will help explain and give insight to what we did and things that we have had to do to make her life safe at school and literally in public but still maintain some normalcy.

In joining my blog, I hope you leave with better knowledge of living with allergies and what we must do on a day to day basis to protect those we love.

Welcome to “Our Allergy Lifestyle”.

Thank you for visiting. Please make yourself at home.

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